Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy


Our rehabilitation and occupational therapy services are designed to help an organisation manage staff absence and underperformance through illness or injury. Access to qualified Occupational Therapists can benefit both employers and employees in many ways, including:


·         those absent because of illness or injury are helped to back to work more quickly and safely


·         employers receive reliable, objective assessments of an employees’ ability to perform their work duties


·         employers are provided with reliable, objective information to help them make decisions about the management of employees with illness or injury


·         employers receive practical advice to help them enable employees to perform their duties safely and reduce the risk of aggravating illness or injury


·         employees are educated on their capabilities to help them perform their duties safely and effectively



What is Occupational Therapy?


Occupational Therapists (OTs) assess people whose ability to work is affected by illness or injury.


Assessments take place either in one of our clinics or, where possible, in the workplace - reflecting our belief that the most effective rehabilitation takes place there and not in a clinic.


The Occupational Therapist then provides advice and recommendations on managing the employee’s health issues. They will also produce a practical action plan to help them remain at work or to help an absent employee get back to work.



Who may need the help of an occupational therapist?


Occupational Therapy can help employees who:

·         have mild to moderate medical conditions, persisting for over three months, who are at risk of developing long-term problems affecting their ability to work


·         have a medical condition causing disability and affecting work performance, such as rheumatoid arthritis, stroke or multiple sclerosis


·         are currently working, but having difficulty safely and effectively performing their duties - especially where work activities may be aggravating a medical condition


·         have a working environment or activities affecting a medical condition


·         are absent from work because of illness or injury, where advice on their potential to return to work is required


·         are returning to work after illness or injury who need support to develop new ways of working to ensure they can safely and effectively perform their work duties


·         can no longer perform their current duties and whose suitability for alternative work needs to be assessed.





For a more detailed description of services provided by OHSAS occupational therapists 


Services provided by OHSAS occupational therapists


Clinic-based assessments


Work Ability Evaluation– This half day evaluation assesses an employee’s potential to perform a specific job, whether they are in work or absent. A report is produced containing conclusions and specific recommendations to support the employee at work.


Career Search Evaluation This full day evaluation identifies an employee’s transferable skills to help an employer find an alternative role for them.


An evaluation of their performance in various tasks generates a profile of their work abilities, skills level and the sort of tasks they are likely to be able to perform. A report is produced containing conclusions and specific recommendations to support the employee at work.


Workplace visits


Jobsite Evaluation – This half day evaluation assesses an employee’s work environment in order to make recommendations to help them manage a medical condition when at work. The physical demands of the job are compared to their current abilities. A report is then produced containing recommendations for modifications or actions to be taken to support the employee at work.


Workplace Support Programme – The programme is made up of an initial assessment of the employee at work lasting up to 1½ hours, followed by up to four workplace visits, lasting no more than 30 minutes each.The Occupational Therapist works with the employee and employer to develop a workplace support programme to help them perform their role. 


The programme assists people returning to work after an illness or injury, or those who are still at work but experiencing difficulties due to health problems. By visiting the workplace the Occupational Therapist gains a better understanding of work demands and how well the individual is coping. The type of workplace support provided includes:


·         advice on workplace adjustments, modifications and equipment

·         education and advice on the management of symptoms at work

·         education on safe and correct movement techniques and postures

·         support to develop effective coping strategies for work

·         follow-up with employee and employer to review and adjust the programme


These visits result in a written programme for the employee and employer, containing specific advice and recommendations to support the employee at work.


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